Maputo 2010

More than 200 cashew industry stakeholders from 24 countries attended the African Cashew Alliance's 5th annual conference in Maputo, Mozambique, from September 14-16, 2010. 

The event saw the participation of Joaquim Chissano, Mozambique's former President and a long-standing advocate of ACA's work; and Honorables Aires Bonifacio Aly, Prime minister of Mozambique, Soares Nhaca, Minister of Agriculture of Mozambique, and Kwesi Ahwoi, Minister of Agriculture of Ghana. The increasing level of participation by senior government figures in ACA conferences shows the growing interest of policymakers in the cashew industry as a potentially significant driver of development.

At the conference, industry stakeholders developed and agreed on a declaration - the Maputo Declaration - which aims to serve as a roadmap for the cashew industry's future sustainable growth throughout the continent. that advocates business environment changes to promote the industry's growth. The Maputo Delaration will now be disseminated to government policy makers across Africa, who will be urged to adopt its recommendations in order to facilitate the industry's development. 

Stakeholders also established a Business Code of Conduct, fixing basic standards of food safety, quality, social environment, corporate governance and respect for the environment. This code promotes the ACA's vision of a professional and responsible industry, and will form the basis for developing an overall industry brand for African cashew.

Specialists from all over the world shared their experience and vision on how to improve and empower the cashew idustry during the plenary and working group sessions. More than 180 specially-tailored business-to-business meetings were held, helping stakeholders to establish new business relationships, make contacts and strike deals.



More than 200 cashew stakeholders attended the ACA 5th Annual Conference in Maputo, Mozambique in September 2010.
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